Dreamer’s World June 14 2015

Sunday has arrived, there has been no rain and so the allergies continue. Today will be a day of washing sheets and bedclothes in an attempt to get rid of the offending allergens. On the bright side, the constant coughing has made the decision to stop smoking much easier to deal with. I had a friend ask yesterday why I thought that the allergies were making me cough and not the smoking/lack of smoking. I agree that by quitting smoking that my body might initiate some type of mechanism to cough more to clear out my lungs, but I pointed out that Hal has had the same issue. I have never smoked indoors, so there is no odor in the apartment. I still believe that this coughing episode is the result of something in the air that just irritates the hell out of myself and Hal. That is why I honestly wish we would get a few strong storms to blow through here and clear that air out. DC has actually had Code Orange Air Quality for several days this last week. Those are issued when the air mass is not moving, and allergens and pollutants are trapped in the air. At least the coughing take my mind off not smoking in a perverse way. When the air does clear out I think that I will have passed through the worst phase of quitting, and that is the first 24-48 hours. Honestly, I haven’t had the opportunity to miss smoking at all yet. Since there doesn’t appear to be much chance of rain right now, I will go and pick up a few necessities that we need around the apartment, first and foremost being more tissues since we are both still coughing, as mentioned earlier. I’ll come back home and continue to get laundry done today. I won’t be setting my alarm for tomorrow morning when I go to bed since I am shifting my work hours to the right tomorrow. I will not be starting work until approximately 0900 rather than 0700. This means that Hal will be awake before me and can make sure that I am up each morning. Due to travel requirements, I will probably keep my old schedule for Wednesday, but that will be the only exception. Now that the laundry is done, it is time to go out and get some Kleenex to help with the coughing spells. I might do some window shopping while I'm out, but I don't foresee spending any extra money at this time. I made it back from that trip well before 1300, and now I face the prospect of yet another lonely afternoon here by myself. I will try to find things to do to help pass the time, but it does become rather difficult to motivate oneself after a while. And so, as I look out the window and can almost feel the heat truing to work it's way through from the outside, I will focus on doing other things around here.

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