Dreamer’s World June 6 2015 - A Full Day

Another Saturday morning has arrived. I got Hal out the door and on his way to work earlier this morning, so now I'm having the inevitable debate about what to do with my time today. For a change, I actually have some extra cash but that isn't an automatic decision to go out and spend the money. I rather enjoy the feeling that I have knowing that I'm ahead of things once again.

Stevie Nicks is concerned only with taking her with me wherever I go today. She makes the decision about going out a difficult one to make because I can't take her everywhere with me. Perhaps it is best that I stay home and rest this morning after all. There is really nothing that compels me to go anywhere right now. I need to remember that the money I save today will be available for me tomorrow.

I have my financial goals set here. I am continuing to pay down my remaining debt and the key is to not let anything get in my way as I work on this goal. Of course, there are times when money has to be spent, but I have to be the only person who makes those decisions. I have wasted too much of my time without being the person in control. The decisions I make today determine my status tomorrow.

So, I am apparently set here for today and prepared to stay at home. I do need the rest, so I will probably take a nap later in the day before Hal gets home. The desire to go out for the sake of going out is just losing it's appeal to me right now. Making the responsible choice is not always the glamorous thing to do but it is almost always the most effective in the long term.

The sun has finally reappeared in the sky here for the first time since Monday! I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see sunshine here again after so many miserable days. I suppose that the change in weather has something to do with my restless nature right now, but my decision to stay home stands. I can enjoy the weather from the balcony and not waste any gas in the process. I will always have my blog to keep me occupied as the urge to write strikes me.

With either the iPhone or the Chromebook handy, maintaining my blog is so easy. My posts have tended to fall back into the category of daily journals once again, but I will let this go on as long as it keeps me writing. To tie this back to the earlier part of my post, pouring my feelings and thoughts out onto the screen in pixels doesn't really cost me a thing, and it helps to keep me sane at the worst of times. After a quiet morning that included a nap, I'm awake again and j finished my lunch. The Stooges have also been fed, and I am back to writing once again. It is still at least an hour until Hal gets home but I have nowhere to go until then anyway. I am keeping the TV off, as is my normal routine because I just don't need the ceaseless noise to ruin my day. Perhaps I'll take a nice long shower before Hal gets home if nothing else. The weekend has become, at least for me, a time to rest and recover from the previous week. Necessity in the past curtailed my weekend activities, and now I find that I truly don't miss all the hassle as much as I used to. Being in a stable and happy long-term relationship will have that effect on us all. I know that I am extremely lucky to have the life I have. My time is better spent focusing on the positives rather than on things that we don't have yet. As Americans, we have this curse of consumerism that seemingly governs our entire adult lives, if we let it. We are constantly bombarded with messages designed to make us feel inadequate if we don't have Product X or Item B in our home. This is, of course, comets capitalistic BULLSHIT that is designed and purposefully directed at us in order to generate feelings of inadequacy and greed. I know that recognizing this fact explains 99% of why I hate TV. I would much rather spendy time with music or silence. I refuse to be treated as nothing more than a revenue steam for corporate America any longer. We have what we need to live, and that is enough.
The sun is still out here and it has warmed up nicely. It will be a beautiful afternoon and I plan to make the most of it along with Hal and The Stooges.
Hal did decide that we needed to go out after he got home. We had a nice dinner (I ate too much), followed by my waiting on him as he shopped for shoes and then insisted I stop at Safeway for a few things. We went home after that, and are in for the rest of the night. Other than the cost of dinner, I didn't spend any money. For that, I am glad.

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