Dreamer's World June 18 2015 - Domestic Racial Terrorism

The time has come to stop denying that there is a real problem in America. The time has come to stop denying that we have a real issue with Domestic Racial Terrorists in this country. White Supremacists have existed in the shadows for decades, but since the election of President Obama, they have become more and more open with their hatred of anyone who dares to disagree with them.
This pattern of behavior is too often excused with the “disturbed individual” or “lone wolf” justification when we know good and well that if we heard these stories originating from other countries we would act shocked and outraged and instantly label this group of people as Terrorists. Let’s drop the baloney and admit to ourselves that we DO have a terrorist problem in this country. The problem is White Supremacists and their followers attacking Black Americans because of the color of their skin, pure and simple.
This dangerous behavior is deeply rooted in American culture. For too long, racists have not been called out on their obscene behavior. For too long, politicians have been allowed to prey on these racial fears of the White community in order to get their votes. For too long, Black Americans who are the very target of these attacks are being denied the right to vote, because the racists know that they cannot win in a fair fight. And because these racist lunatics can always find a way to get their hands on weapons, legally or illegally, we find ourselves once again shaking our heads in DENIAL of our problem.
Apparently, a Black American can be killed for possessing Skittles and Iced Tea. Apparently, a Black American can be killed for seeking help in the middle of the night because “they look dangerous” when they approach the home of a white person. Apparently, a Black American can be killed by the police without consequence for either a) running, b) complying with the officer or c) just being Black. Apparently a Black American can be killed because someone doesn’t like their music. Apparently, a Black American can be killed for selling cigarettes. I wish that I could say that this list is complete, but I seriously doubt it is.
While this goes on, there are White American racists who are arming themselves to the teeth in preparation for some lunatic vision of a race war. These people should never be allowed to breed. When they do, they end up molesting their own children anyway.
I wish that there was a quick and easy answer to all of this tragedy. Personally I don’t see one. Gun control would be a start, but the RWNJ White racists will never willingly give up their precious guns, and we all know that. Racism cannot be undone in an instant, because it is a long-term problem that is taught from parents to their children.
The only real first step we can take as a society is to call out racism whenever and wherever we see it. We cannot let it have a minute of peace. It has to be hounded night and day. Racism has to be exposed openly and subjected to public discourse and ridicule. Racism has to be identified for the sickness that it truly is. Yes there will be some people who should be institutionalized because they represent a danger to society. I don’t see any other way to stop this ongoing terrorist threat to our country. We don’t need to worry about being destroyed from outside, we are doing a fucking great job of it all by ourselves!

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