TERRORISM, Charleston, and Forgiveness

This will be a very difficult post to write. I am sure that some people will be upset by it, and I want to say that to some of those people this is NOT intentional, but to those who support in any way the TERRORISM that happened in Charleston, then for you, IT IS INTENTIONAL.
For the last 24 hours, the news has been filled with statements of forgiveness for the terrorist from the families of the victims. Personally, I could never bring myself to utter those words if it had been a member of my family who was murdered. Having said that, the issuing of forgiveness is the prerogative of the families affected most. I respect them for what they have done by making those statements of forgiveness.
At the same time, I can already see the floodgates opening for the apologists who want to diminish what the TERRORIST has done, and the harm that he has caused. The logic goes something like “If the victims’ families can find it in their heats to forgive this man, then shouldn’t we all feel that way?”. The answer here to these apologists is a resounding FUCK NO! This piece of human shit knew exactly what he was doing, and in my opinion he deserves nothing but the harshest punishment that the law can deliver to him. I would feel the same way if a member of my family had been butchered by this TERRORIST!
What happened in Charleston was a symptom of a much greater problem. We will not resolve it quickly or painlessly. The festering wound of racism bred this TERRORIST and others like him. They walk among us and remain nearly invisible until they do their awful deeds and we always react the same way. The pattern repeats, and this is just as much a part of the problem as the TERRORISTS themselves. Every time one of these TERRORISTS rears their ugly head up to commit, or attempt to commit, a TERRORIST act, they should be dealt with in the harshest manner allowable by law. Those who support them should be publicly called to account as well for aiding and abetting these lunatics. Those who have indoctrinated them into HATE and RACISM should also be brought to Justice at the same time.
This evil will not willingly give up and go away. It has to be fought at every opportunity and weeded out wherever it is found. No amount of forgiveness will ever cause the sick people to behave rationally, so if the families of the victims feel better by forgiving them, I have no problem with that, but as a society we have to take these TERRORISTS down whenever and wherever we find them before even more TERRORIST attacks happen. We have to prepare ourselves for a long fight against an enemy within this country, and enemy that claims to live this country, but will every opportunity to destroy it if we allow them to.

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