Dreamer's World August 10 2015 - The Vicious Hatred in GOP politics

I am increasingly disturbed by the tone that the GOP has adopted early in this endless election cycle. Donald Trump picked up on the vitriolic hatred and amped things up after he announced his candidacy, but this has been going on ever since President Obama was elected in 2008. There is no denying the racial aspect to these attacks on his policies, because President Obama is hardly the Progressive president that people like myself would prefer. Obama reflects a centrist position in the contemporary sense but this is rather misleading because of how far ton the right our politics have been dragged over the last 30 years. Obama is closer to Reagan than to Carter without a doubt.

President Obama has negotiated the pitfalls over these 6 years that he has been in office. He has consistently out-thought his opponents and left them to wonder why they failed. This is the mark of a politician and to some degree, of a leader. I respect the man and what he has managed to accomplish, but honestly I wish that he could have done more.

President Obama has faced the dilemma of a group that is steadfastly opposed to anything he proposes. This scenario has played itself out over and over throughout his presidency. I wish that he would have taken these people on from the beginning rather than attempted to negotiate with them, but this is said with the benefit of hindsight. I don’t know that any of us outside of the GOP RWNJ lunatic fringe realized how far they would go to thwart any progress on any issue as long as Obama was President.

As we start (far too early) the 2016 election cycle, we are faced with how the RWNJ are going to motivate their base once again. Since they have already moved well beyond the historically acceptable limits of American politics, they are left with no choice but to venture even further into the lunatic fringe. The recent inflammatory statements by Donald Trump resulted in nothing other than his taking the lead among the RWNJ candidates. This demonstrates to me the pure lack of reality that these people embrace and worship. The other tragic aspect is that none of the other candidates will openly criticize Trump, indeed others have tried to emulate him in making more and more outlandish policy statements.

There will be a percentage of people that will vote for whichever RWNJ lunatic emerges with the GOP nomination, that is a given. What is needed, in my humble opinion, is for the Democrats to clearly present an alternative that is positive and not simply less ridiculously extreme than the RWNJ positions. I am still waiting for someone other than Bernie Sanders and to a lesser known degree, Martin O’Malley to confront.

Hillary is going to do whatever she can to get the nomination. She will move with the tides of perceived public opinion, but I sense a lack of conviction from her. We have already witnessed her adopting positions that Bernie Sanders has already staked out.

None of this addresses the hatred issue. I wish that I had the answer to it, but all I can advise is that people not get caught up in the vitriol spewed from the RWNJ. Just remember that politics based on hatred will never lead to progress, only to repression.

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