Dreamer's World August 25 2015 - The Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are a travesty of an NFL franchise, and have been for the last decade. This is a sad fate for what was once one of the flagship franchises in the NFL. The decline shows no signs of stopping anytime in the immediate future.
This is a shame, because the Raiders have a wonderful fan base in Oakland. This is even more remarkable given the history of the team as it relocated to Los Angeles from 1982 until 1995. I can think of no other team that could win its fans back the way the Raiders did after such a disastrous move.
What sets the Raiders apart has been their attitude, at least in the glory days. Recently, attitude hasn’t done much to improve the product on the field. And speaking of the field, the O.co Coliseum is widely accepted as one of the worst venues in professional sports. That is not in doubt. Both the Raiders and the Oakland A’s have wanted to obtain new stadiums, and that is within their rights once their leases at the Coliseum were up.
Now the situation is that the Raiders are once again threatening to move to Los Angeles. The difference this time is that the NFL has a much more stringent set of rules in place to prevent the “middle-of-the-night” type of franchise that happened in the past. The Raiders have said all the right things publicly about wanting to remain in Oakland, but this is all a lie. Here are the reasons I believe this.
1) The Raiders extracted a deal from the City of Oakland that financed improvements to the Coliseum that are still not paid off. The City of Oakland is on the hook for another $80-100 MILLION dollars to repay the bonds issued in the early 90s that led the Raiders back to Oakland.
2) California is NOT the place where the public is willing to spend public money to construct any new stadiums now. The deal that the Raiders got 20+ years ago cannot be expected again.
3) In relation to point 2), the Raiders want the City of Oakland to put up ANOTHER $400 MILLION to finance a new stadium in Oakland to keep the team there. Good Luck with that, because it will put the City of Oakland on the hook for almost $500 MILLION (half a BILLION) dollars by the time the existing debt is added on.
4) The Raiders have also demanded that the land for the stadium be GIVEN to the team on a TAX-FREE basis! Once again, thanks for playing, and don’t let the door hit your losing asses on the way to LA.
5) The FORMER mayor of Oakland was more willing to negotiate these terms with the team in order to keep them in Oakland. The CURRENT mayor ran on a platform of NOT spending any more public money on the team, and she was elected.
6) The Raiders continue to think that they can talk the City of Oakland out of more money by threatening to move. They think that this is a sound negotiating tactic.

NEWS FLASH: The Mayor of Oakland is a WOMAN, which brings a set of priorities to the table that are different, AND……….

SHE IS A SCORPIO She isn’t going to take shit from the Raiders and their ridiculous demands. The Raiders need to either tell everyone that they are leaving, or that they are staying. Nothing will shift the Mayor because Scorpios are the type to eat you up and then shit you out without even thinking.

The Raiders picked the wrong woman to mess with on this!

Just my opinion.

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