Dreamer's World August 22 2015

This is just one of those glorious days that appeals to everyone. The sky is clear, the temperature is pleasant, there is almost no detectable humidity, in short it is a perfect day here. I have already been out for a walk, and will probably take several more walks today. Hal is at work, so I have time to myself.

We had an excellent Indian dinner last night, although it did make my BG run a bit high. I will have to remember next time to only eat 1/2 and get the other 1/2 to bring home. Live and learn as the old saying goes. This was the first time we have been back to London Curry House in well over a month, and we will go back again sometime soon.

Right now, I am relaxing before lunch. Hopefully my BG will be back to normal prior to that, if not I will take some medicine to compensate and have a lite lunch instead.

I took another walk to a local restaurant where I had left my bank card earlier in the week. I canceled the card and got a new one, but the place called and said that they found my card. There were no attempts to use the card, so I wasn’t too upset. After I got home, I destroyed the old card and now that episode is behind me. The added bonus was another nice long walk on this beautiful day.

Hal got home at 1500, am waiting to see what he wants to do this afternoon and evening. I am open to anything right now, so I will leave the decision up to Hal. I am glad to be home and have Hal here at last as well.

I fell asleep after Hal got home and took a nap himself. We decided to stay in for the evening, I can go out tomorrow since the weather will be beautiful again. We ordered Chinese food for dinner and it was delicious. I deliberately ate less to keep my BG in check. After that the evening consisted of catching up with football and also some Twitter. I encountered a new friend there this evening and enjoyed shooting the breeze for a few hours as we both were watching football.

I expect that Hal and I will watch Svengoolie this evening before he goes to bed since he has to work in the morning. The Stooges are all happy this evening, so life is good. We have enough left over from dinner to get us through tomorrow. I will get out tomorrow to enjoy another beautiful day. Until then, I hope that everyone has had a great Saturday and will have an even better tomorrow.

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