Dreamer's World August 24 2015 - Stock Market Fallacy

As Monday starts, I have been bombarded with the news that the Stock Market is in freefall, and that IMPENDING DOOM is right around the corner! I really cannot help but laugh at these people thrown into a panic by something that has happened before and will happen again.

The problem is that we are conditioned, like little robots, to respond to the Stock Market in accordance with however those in power want us to respond. My life does not end when the damned thing goes up or down, in reality it makes no difference.

The Stock Market is the Oracle that we are trained to worship on a daily basis. Like the Wizard of Oz, it is controlled by some shadowy man, or group of people, behind the curtain. We are NEVER supposed to peer behind that curtain, let alone RIP IT DOWN to see who those people are or what their true agenda is. No, the goal of everyday people is to trust these lunatics with our supposed well-being under the misguided notion that each individual is a part of the process.

The same logic that says an individual can get rich by investing in the Stock Market is on open display at any casino you might visit. You put money in, and only rarely will you ever see a real return. The house is rigged to keep 99% of the profits, with only the occasional small payout to some individual chosen by chance. Ask any compulsive lottery player if they have won, and they will tell you that it is only a matter of time, or that they should have played more in order to win as they struggle to deal with their losses.

The Stock Market is like the witch/wizard/priest that somehow determines fate and fortune through some archaic method of looking through animal entrails with lots of mood ambience and religious hocus-pocus to distract people from the fact that they are getting PUNKED in the process. The old saying that “A Fool and his Money are soon parted” sums up the Stock Market perfectly.

The blind faith that we are desperately encouraged to place in the stock market is the indication of the con that we are being subjected to. Every attempt to rationalize the stock market fails miserably, once again because it bears no resemblance to economics, unless you are studying the economics of the gambling industry. Once you understand that you are being played, you begin to see the light.

I will say once that the game does impact people in the long run. The players want more and more of our money to gamble with and eventually this hurts everyone. The question is why do we allow this? These people put the Mafia to shame.

“You want to get rich? PAY ME!” “You want to avoid being poor? PAY ME!” “You can’t afford to pay me? PAYME!”

Black Monday? Bah! It is all part of the game that we cannot escape without a real change in our system.

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