Dreamer's World August 6 2015

I am getting my Thursday started after a good night of rest. I have my morning meeting to conduct and will see where the day takes me after that. I am hoping for a steady, quiet day so I can get some things done at work, but will take things as they come since that is the main part of my job.
I just finished my lunch and am monitoring my BG on a slightly different schedule for the new doctor. I will go to see him again in 2 weeks so he will have a better baseline to treat me from and to determine if I need to change the medical regimen I am on as well. He stressed that I need to be even more active, so I will go to the gym immediately after work to get in some cardio work before I come back here to shower and either go out with Hal, or prepare the salmon patties this evening. I will make the conscious effort to change my daily routine to get in line with what my new doctor recommends. I am not expecting instant results, but rather some slow and steady improvement. I think that I will be on the bike in the gym after work for at least 10-15 minutes in order to get myself started.
Until then, I have more meetings and conference calls this afternoon. At least tomorrow will be FRIDAY, and that is always a great thing! I am already looking forward to the weekend and having some time to relax and not have to deal with work for a change. The routine is really wearing me down, but my scheduled vacation is still basically a month away from now. I know that I will make it until then, but it seems to get more and more difficult since the time seems to go more slowly.
After a quick discussion with Hal as I listen in on this conference call, we will go out early this evening. I will take the time to pick up some more test strips for my Freestyle Precision Neo BG meter in order to meet the new 2-week regimen that Dr. Ayele prescribed for me yesterday. I am glad that I finally feel that my doctor actually cares about me rather than my insurance policy!
And I am closing out the day waiting on my supervisor to dial in to the review meeting for the reporting period that just ended. I’m pleased to say that the meeting went very well.
After work, I went to the kitchen and prepared the salmon patties before taking a shower. There was no sense in taking a shower before cooking the salmon because I would have wanted to washed the odor off of me anyway. We stayed home this evening, the salmon turned out to be delicious, and we have enjoyed time with the Stooges.

Hal decided that he wanted to watch the Clown Car debate this evening. I immediately put on my headphones and ignored the bullshit. I have checked my Twitter stream and that tells me all I need to know. I am going to bed early this evening, tomorrow is Friday and I want to feel refreshed and ready to close out the week and prepare for the weekend.

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