Dreamer's World August 20 2015

Recently, I joined the group called Meetup.com and then I joined a local group that meets to take hikes in the DC area. Yesterday, I attended my first hike with the group because they were meeting nearby. I ended up waling 6 miles yesterday evening and I met some truly nice people along the way within the group.

I began the event by walking to the designated starting point. This was about 2 miles or so from the apartment, but I wanted to get as much walking in as I possibly could. I have walked part of the route there before but I then had to hile along some designated biker/hiker trails that are owned and operated by the city of Alexandria. This gave me a chance to see some new sights and to get some visages of the city that I had not seen before. I left home at 1815 and arrived at the designated starting point just before 1900. Eventually, I met up with the other walkers. I was somewhat confused since the meeting point was a public space and there were hundreds of people in the area.

The walk began around 1910, and I trekked back along the route that I had taken to get there. At the halfway point in the walk, I excused myself and departed for home since I had already put in several miles of walking by that point. I was not tired, but I didn't want to walk all the way back to the starting point and then have to retrace my steps once again since the trails were not lit In most areas. The last thing I wanted to do was to trip over something in the dark on a deserted trail after dark.

I had a wonderful time and I plan to go to another local meetup with the group in about 2 weeks. That one will take place in Old Town Alexandria. For that meetup, I will take Metro since that is the designated starting point for that evening.

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