Dreamer's World August 3 2015

Starting another week here at work/home. I am glad to report that my BG readings are excellent since I switched meters, and I am looking forward to my first visit with the new doctor on Wednesday afternoon. I am hoping that this will be my permanent doctor after the treadmill of being treated by internists at the old office. I am convinced that my making this decision to switch doctors is the right one.
I slept very well last night after an awful night on Saturday. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the week now. I avoided the MSM over the weekend, and had to shut the door to the home office this morning since Hal always watches the Today show. I simply cannot listen to that garbage anymore!
This week will be smooth at work, at least I expect it to be. There are so many people taking long weekends that I don’t expect any major problems. I have a few conference calls today, but other than that I will be taking care of routine tasks as I listen to music. Music always helps me to concentrate better. When I worked in an office, I was the guy with the headphones on :)
Monday mornings at work are always slow. I like this time that allows me to get my own workweek planned out to some degree, at least until everyone else decides that they need something from me at some point in the day.
That point has arrived due to a coworker who agreed to be the guinea pig for a new laptop from the company. Actually it is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet, but he is having trouble setting it up on the company network. I said that the best thing was to contact IT support and ask if they had loaded his profiles onto the SP3 before they sent it to him in the first place.
Lunch was delicious, I had some chicken chili before the cycle of conference calls started for the afternoon. Of course, a task arrived that I had to take care of and that ate up much of the afternoon. In addition, the 1-1 meeting with my team lead has been pushed back, possibly after my working hours, it is still uncertain at this point. I am willing to make whatever schedule change she requires because we have a great working relationship and I don’t want to mess that up. The 3-hour time difference is the big sticking point in things.
The plans for the evening are still up inn the air right now. If I have to hang around for the 1-1 meeting, I will do so. If not, I do plan at least 1 trip to the grocery store for a few necessities. I plan to walk there and back which is about 2 miles in order to keep my step totals up for the day. So far, I am not doing well with all the time I have spent glued to the computer today. Hal doesn’t have any specific plans that I am aware of, so the trip to the store is the only thing that I am planning to do. If Hal wants to walk there and back, that will be great! I am actually looking forward to the walk after the workday. I need to make this or at least a trip to the treadmill in the gym, a part of my daily routine from now on.

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