Dreamer's World August 26 2015 - Another Shooting

I was saddened to see that America has reached a new low in violence this morning. A lunatic killed 2 TV reporters on live TV and actually, from all the information I have found, also filmed the scene himself and posted it to social media.

Our country has a tragic love affair with guns, and now this love has publicly morphed with the love of social media to post every little detail of people's lives. Obviously, this tragedy was NOT trivial, it is tragic. Those who want to see this, or forward it to others are nothing more than GHOULS.

The fact that yet another shooting will do nothing to spur any meaningful discussion about the PROBLEM that guns cause. The RWNJ will respond that “Now it not the time to discuss this out of respect for those who have lost loved ones”. As noble as this sentiment is pretending to be, the fact of the matter is that this excuse is always used to prevent ANY discussion about the problem we have with guns EVER taking place.

Another issue that has been brought up is the way that the media has covered this story. Most major outlets are refusing to show the actual video from the event, this is their choice. It does, however bring up the question as to why there was no such hesitation to show the video related to the deaths of Eric Garner, or Freddie Gray. One is left with the impression that the lives of 2 white news reporters are more valuable than the lives of Black Americans. While I hope that this is NOT the case, I cannot shake the impression that it truly is.

It is also worth noting that the suspect, once he was identified as Black, was instantly labeled by numerous RWNJ media outlets to make this whole thing a “Race Crime” that would accentuate the “Black on White” crime narrative that these RWNJ outlets feed to their simple-minded viewers all the time! So far, the only thing missing is the obligatory mug-shot of the Black person involved in the crime.

Something like this is simply troubling on so many levels. If having more guns made us safer, we would be the safest place on Earth. Instead, we find ourselves exposed to more and more senseless gun tragedies every day. So long as we are unwilling to address the problem, we have on one but ourselves to blame.

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