Dreamer's World August 21 2015

Friday has arrived at last! I am so glad to have made it through this week at work and I am really looking forward to the weekend. I feel like I have really let myself down with my writing this week. perhaps I was just burned out but I still feel like I should have been writing more. I once again promise myself to change that.

After a few thunderstorms last night, this morning has arrived beautiful and almost cool outside. We definitely needed the rain and the weekend is supposed to be absolutely beautiful. I will plan to get out and get some exercise with the nice weather. Hal has suggested that we go out for a while after work this evening. Sadly, we cannot stay out late since he has to be up and at work in the morning, but at least it will give us some time together.

Today promises to be a rather slow on at work. Fridays always are, especially on a beautiful day like this. A slow day will suit me just fine, to be honest. I can get ahead of things that have to be ready for Monday. Working from home has given me more focus on what I need to do without the stress of being responsible (and NOT paid) for taking care of a facility.

As lunchtime approaches, I am also getting ready for some meetings via conference call. Once again, I can get so much more done by being here at home. I am totally prepared for these meetings and willing to do more. Of course, as soon as I typed that, the second meeting gets pushed back 30 minutes at least.

I’m glad to report that my meeting with my supervisor went extremely well. Now that is over with, I can finally focus on a lte lunch here. BG is in excellent range and the frozen entree is in the microwave as I type. Eating a bit later isn’t too much of a problem for me. It will still give me time to adjust medications before dinner, whether or not that is at home or somewhere out with Hal this evening.

Having said that, I cannot say enough good things about my decision to switch doctors. Dr. Ayele is easy to talk with, and communication is a key point when dealing with a condition like diabetes. I predict, and hope, that he will be my doctor for a long time.

I am ready for the weekend to begin, and also still waiting to see if there are any plans for the evening. With just over an hour lest before quitting time, I am really at the end of my productive cycle for the day. There is no other way to describe a beautiful Friday afternoon and knowing that I cannot get out and enjoy it right now :(

Once work was over with, I enjoyed a nice shower before Hal and I went to dinner at the London Curry House. The food there is delicious and there is always part of the meal to being home. Now, we are relaxing and Hal will be going to bed early since he has to get up and go to work in the morning. I will sleep in and see what is in store for me tomorrow.

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