Dreamer’s World August 9-10 2015

An early Sunday morning for me. I awoke at 0430 and cannot get back to sleep right now. It is approximately 1 hour later and I am still wide awake. As I have learned that I must do, I have let Stevie Nicks find me so I can pay attention to her, and I have begun to write.

It feels like one of those days when Inspiration is missing but, if I keep working, it might materialize for me. I went back to bed after Hal went to work this morning and woke up at 1030 or so. After a few minutes cleaning around the apartment I decided to go across the street for brunch. It was delicious, as always and I returned home feeling full. My BG is still within range so I will hold off on eating anything until another 2 hours or so have passed. I am trying to space out the snacks in order to maintain a more steady BG average. It also cannot hurt as I want to lose some weight as well.

I am waiting to see if one of Hal’s birthday gifts arrives

today. The delivery date from Amazon says today, even though today is Sunday. I will just have to wait and see what happens. Regardless, I hope that he likes the gifts, even though they will be a few days early. Whenever he wants to open them will be fine with me.

A few minutes ago, I got the email notification that one of Hal’s gifts did arrive at the apartment office. I went and picked it up and it is waiting for him when he gets home from work. He can open it whenever he wants to, I will try to get a few pictures of him when he does. There is still one gift that might not make it before Hal’s birthday on Thursday. I will be hoping that it does, but I cannot control that. I am taking Hal out for dinner on his birthday, I have not heard anything from anyone about other plans. Hal has told me that he wants this birthday to stay low-key and he wants to avoid others bringing their drama to any gathering. Personally, I don’t blame him at all and I will honor his wishes about this.

I am forcing myself to wait another 2 hours before I eat anything else today. I plan to have some popcorn when the timer goes off around 1730 or so. Hal might or might not be home by that time, but I doubt that we will be going anywhere this evening. Hal will be tired, and I will have to work tomorrow.

Speaking of work, I am really considering taking all day Friday off. I already have the afternoon off for my eye exam, and I just might alter my request and take the entire day. I am in desperate need of a break right now anyway.

Hal got home and he loved the 2 gifts that arrived today. I am off the hook and the last gift should also meet with his approval. I was also jolted back to reality by a calendar reminder that we are going to another nearby restaurant that we have not visited before for their 1/2 price pizza night. Hal is getting ready now and we will be heading out shortly. If the reminder had not appeared on my iPhone, I would have forgotten all about it. This is just for Hal and I, there are no other people who know about it. I am hopeful that we will have some great pizza and a good time! We will not be out late, even though the place is close by, if it is good it will become a semi-regular event for us here in the neighborhood.

We are very lucky to live where we do, most things are within easy walking distance if we choose to do so. I have never understood the attraction of the suburbs where everything is far away and requires all the trips to be made in a car. The spontaneity of just walking somewhere is so nice. Anyway, I will report back later on how the food was. We will be leaving here shortly.

The dinner was indeed awesome. I can see us going back there on a semi-regular basis for their 1/2 price Sunday night pizzas. The restaurant is Fat City Kitchen in Alexandria on South Pickett Street. The pizzas were delicious!

Sunday evening was spent with Hal and the Stooges. I got tired and neglected to post this before bedtime, so I decided to roll it into Monday and combine the two days.

Monday started with laptop problems on my work machine. Outlook refused to start correctly on the first 2 attempts. The 3rd was finally successful, but at least Monday mornings are always a slow time around here. The dreaded cycle of conference calls will commence at 1230, and I will struggle to listen in as I take care of other work items at the same time rather than fall behind.

I received a call from my new doctors office this morning telling me that my medical records still have not arrived. Since it has been nearly 2 weeks from the request, I will probably have to go to the old doctors office in person and request my medical records to hand-carry them. Initially, I was told that this would actually cost me $, but right now I feel that they have once again shirked their required duties and I will not pay for the records. This could get really nasty, but they will have brought this shitstorm upon themselves. Sadly, none of this surprises me in the least.

The other health related task I have for this morning is to call my vision provider (based in California) and double-check my coverage for new glasses because I will definitely be getting new glasses soon after my annual eye exam. Since one of the few local providers is having a sale with 2 pairs the second being 50% off, I want to take advantage of that if I can. I have to wait until the vision provider office opens this morning in California to double-check this, but at least it will be before the conference calls start here.

A minor disappointment is that I will have to pay for the frames myself. That is not really an issue for me. I found out that this will be the case. I am going to take advantage of the sale nevertheless because my lenses will be covered for one of the two frames. I am finally in a position to do something like this for myself after years of taking the basic bargain option when it comes to glasses and I want to make a change after my annual eye exam on Friday.

I’m glad to report that my BG is in the normal range before I had my lunch. I proceeded to have a salon patty with mashed potatoes, onion and cucumber. I am deliberately spacing my meals out more since my initial visit with Dr. Ayele last Wednesday. I will measure BG again 2 hours after lunch, and won’t snack unless I am running low at that time. I find that I am adjusting to the longer interval between meals rather nicely. The hunger that I think is there is just routine being broken, and that is a good thing. The best news is that Hal claimed he noticed that my belly was a little smaller earlier today. I hope that he isn’t being nice without being honest :)

The endless cycle of conference calls has begun. Unfortunately, these meetings will last for at least 3 hours. I am glad that I work from home so I can get up and take breaks as needed as long as I have my cell phone to listen in on the meeting. I have never been comfortable sitting in on long meetings, my mind tends to wander too quickly without some neutral distraction. I just took a smoke break and no one knew that I had stepped away from the laptop, perfect!

I am still waiting for a callback from the old doctor confirming that they have sent my records to my new doctor. I have ZERO confidence that they will actually perform this simple task, and I fully expect that I will have to go to their office and hand-carry the records myself.

I am also awaiting a callback from America’s Best concerning the updated cost for the 2 pair of glasses that I am going to get. I have the rest of my week planned out now, Chiropractor on Wednesday after work and Friday for my annual eye exam. It feels good to have these things all lined up.

The workday is finally over with. I am glad to have today behind me. Tomorrow will bring it’s own challenges and I will face them in the morning. Hal has announced that we are not going anywhere this evening, and I am actually glad and supportive of this decision.

Monday evening was very quiet at home. Spartacus fell asleep on my lap several times this evening and that made me feel extremely happy. I am heading to bed and will try to get back to a single-day post tomorrow.

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