Dreamer's World August 5 2015

I have been very busy today. This morning was my weekly meeting with the client went very well. The biggest difference was that today I was not covered in sweat when I returned home after the meeting. My commute to and from the client requires traveling by train and bus. The trip home involves a long wait outside the Metro station for the bus that stops near the apartment, and this is usually almost unbearable this time of the year.

Today, the temperature is not as hot as it has been, and the humidity is much lower. The time outside in my suit and tie was not uncomfortable today. It was nice to come home and not have to immediately jump into the shower just to feel human again. I am slowly getting things done here at work and this is my early day. There are some system problems that are impacting my abilities to get some of these things done right now, but that is an occupational hazard and must be fixed by other people.

Once the workday ends, I can relax for an hour or so and then go to my new doctor for my first visit later this afternoon. As I predicted, the old office has yet to send my complete record after more than a week of time in which to do so. I should have enough information for my new doctor to understand what is going on and make his initial evaluations. I am looking forward to meeting with him for the first time. I am hoping that the relationship will be a good one and that it will be a long-lasting one as well.

Hal also went to work today for a few hours, but he is back home now. We will see if there is anything that we want or need to do after my doctor visit. I predict that I will at least have to go to Harris Teeter for the pharmacy, but so far that should be about it. I am more than ready and willing to do something else if Hal wants to.

If we stay home, I will prepare the salmon patties that I talked about the other day. It has been awhile since I cooked, and am looking forward to it.

I am back from my appointment with my new doctor and I have to say that I am extremely pleased with my choice. I actually spent the majority of my time with him talking about my overall health and my goals. This was such a change for me. I will go back in 2 weeks to review things after the old doctor gets off his ass and sends my records to the new office.

At any rate, the evening is going along quietly. I decided that I will prepare the salmon patties tomorrow after work rather than tonight. I will be relaxing and hoping for a good night’s sleep. I hope that everyone else has had a great day and will have an even better day tomorrow.

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