Dreamer's World August 13 2015

Today is Hal’s birthday. That is my main point of focus for today. I am taking him to dinner at the restaurant of his choice after I get done with work this afternoon, and since I am taking tomorrow off work, we won’t be worried about a late night if he wants to do something else afterwards. I am glad to report that Hal loved all of the small gifts that I got for him. There were 2 giraffe sculptures and a massage therapist bag to carry his supplies in. After a few years of big ticket birthday gifts, this was a nice relaxed change.
We have been together for almost 16 years. Most people find that incredible, but honestly, it doesn’t seem like that long to me or to Hal. We take every effort to keep things new and interesting between us and the Stooges. Luckily it has worked for all this time and we are just as happy now as when we first met. I have known friends who have been married and divorced more than once in the same time frame that we have been together, so we must be doing something right!
It is a beautiful day here, and that is fitting for Hal’s birthday. One of the advantages to being born in the Summer. Since my birthday is in January, my hope is that it isn’t too cold or snowy on my birthday. Oh well, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.
I canceled my weekly meeting this morning due to system connectivity issues that are beyond my control. I have a few meetings that I have to dial into today, but they shouldn’t be too bad. I also will have to do a conference call with my supervisor for the evaluation period just completed. If I have the time after that, I will then try to get to my old doctors office and FINALLY pick up my records since that office is completely INCOMPETENT and UNABLE to perform the basic function of transferring my records to my new doctor. It has been nearly 3 weeks and still no progress. The new doctor’s office has told me that they have NEVER encountered such difficulty in obtaining records. The sad part is that the 2 offices are only a block or so apart. Therefore, I will hand carry my records to get this done and over with. Once that is complete, I will be reporting the old doctor to the insurance company and possibly to the appropriate officials here in Virginia.
Hal finally told me where he wants to have dinner. It will be at a nice Italian restaurant about 5 miles from here. We have been there before, but always with a group of people. I am looking forward to spending this time with him to celebrate his birthday later this evening. Right now, I am waiting for my 1-1 meeting with my supervisor in just over an hour. After that I will try to collect my medical records and then get them to my new doctor. If things run late, that will be my taks tomorrow morning since I will have the day off anyway.
It is very late, we had a great evening out and then time at home with the Stooges. I am finally heading to bed just after 0100. Tomorrow will be a busy day off for me, and I want to make the most of it.

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