Dreamer's World August 4 2015

Tuesday has arrived and I stayed rather busy for the entire day. Between tasking and meetings and responding to email, the day has just flown by me. I am going to shower immediately after work and then Hal and I are going out for a while to run some errands before it gets late.
One task that will probably turn ugly tomorrow is not related to work. I found out that my medical records have NOT been forwarded to my new doctor, as I requested last week. Unfortunately, I expect that when I return from my morning meeting with the client that I will have to go into their office and make a scene to get my records in person. I should not have to do this, but this is typical of the awful service that I have come to expect from the doctor’s office that I am leaving.
I finally heard from the new doctor’s office that they will get the last physical results and the last round of lab work prior to my arrival tomorrow. The staff at the new office was incredulous that the entire record had not been delivered to them, but we will have to settle for the partial victory for now.
At least my mind is at ease about that. With less than an hour until quitting time, I can basically relax since most people are either gone for the day, or they are at lunch on the West Coast. I deserve a break for a change.
The trip out was uneventful except for a short rain  shower that caught us in the parking lot as we made our way to the Beetle. We survived, although a bit soggy. I am ready for a nice relaxing shower and then bedtime. Tomorrow is the day I work early with the client meeting to travel to. I hope to have some different inspiration tomorrow as well when I start to write again.