Dreamer’s World August 11 2015 - Tuesday

After a relatively good day yesterday, Tuesday has started out well. I am ahead of things and ready for lots of conference calls later in the day as well as a presentation that I have to take part in as well. The sun is trying to break through the clouds here this morning. I am looking forward to the end of this week, particularly Friday which is now a day off. My supervisor completely understood my wanting a Mental Health Day for a change. Since it happens the day after Hal’s birthday, that makes it even better for us.
I had a terrific lunch again today. I can still cook! Now, as I listen to the conference calls, I am starting my timer to go off in 2 hours to measure BG once again at that time. I will try my best to go another 2 hours at least before I eat anything else. I have been doing well with the BG, and I want to do even better. I predict another evening spent here at home. We deserve the time together without any interruptions, in my opinion.
Working from home is an advantage. I am saving big bucks on gas. The Beetle hasn’t been filled in nearly a month. I will fill the tank tomorrow before I travel to my Chiropractor appointment in the early evening, or on the way home. The next tank should last as least as long as this one has. One adjustment will be to get back to my normal budget since last month was a 3-paycheck month. I will remain a month ahead on rent, and also put more into savings since I settled another bill this last month. That extra savings will be my buffer and it will also allow me to build up the total more quickly so I can then make large payments on my remaining debts. I want to do this to get them paid off as quickly as possible.
The other thing I am looking forward to is my annual eye exam on Friday, and that is because on Saturday I am going to order new glasses regardless of whether my prescription has changed or not. I am tired of the bargain basement frames that I have now and I want something more stylish for myself. I can get 2 pair of glasses for a reasonable price and that is what I am going to do. I think the only thing that I will do after work is to go to the gym or take a nice long walk, hopefully with Hal. Tomorrow Hal works part of the day and I will be traveling to meet with the client as well. I hope that the weather cooperates and provides a nice morning for my trip there and back, but there is no telling what will happen with the weather around here.
Now I have entered into that weird timeframe after 1600. Most of the people I work with here on the East Coast are either gone, or don’t want to be bothered before they leave for the day. The people I work with on the West Coast are either still at lunch or busy with their own stuff. This is always a quiet time for me, but I am always available to help out if needed as I start to wrap up my own day here before singing off at 1730.
I had to chase Spartacus around earlier when he got sick to his stomach. Poor little guy must have thrown up everything that he had in his stomach all at once. I cleaned up after him and then mad sure to spend some time with him to let him know that I cared and that he wasn’t in any trouble for being sick. I let him into the bedroom where Hal is taking a nap and just came back from checking on him again. Hal said that he is acting quiet and relaxed, but also agrees that we will watch him closely as dinner time arrives for the Stooges. Thankfully, Maxwell and Stevie Nicks let Spartacus alone when he wasn’t feeling well, but they did watch him from several feet away. I know that they care about each other in their own way, and my hope is that none of the others get sick. I already threw out the remnants of the can that Spartacus had eaten lunch from just to be sure that no one else got anymore of that food.
Things are once again quiet, as I had mentioned earlier. I suspect that we will stay at home this evening especially after the episode with Spartacus. That is fine with me, we are very lucky to have what we have. Other than groceries and perhaps a meal out now and then, we stay at home more often than not.
There are times when life seems rather routine and boring, but we are getting older. The routine is good and we are used to it by now. We have plenty of food here for tonight and several days actually. Spending time together is what we truly want to do, and that also means spending that time with the Stooges as well, because they are part of our small family.
It is after 1630, and Spartacus is still resting quietly but seems fine otherwise. Hal has gone to the gym so I am going to check on Spartacus every few minutes until I see him getting up and moving around again. Poor thing has to feel worn out after being so sick earlier. At least I don’t expect any more items for work for the remainder of the day.
I’m happy to report that Spartacus is feeling much better this evening. It is a huge relief to me, and even mores to him. I am going to post this now while I am updating an old laptop with Linus and that will occupy my time.

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