Dreamer's World March 1 2015 - Another Wintry Day

     Although today is March 1st, I wake up to the prediction of snow, ice, and freezing rain for today. With any luck, this will be the last winter event we have to endure around here. I am standing by.
     Sure enough, at about 0840 the sleet has started here. I'm standing by in case Hal wants me to take him to work this morning. So far, he has insisted that he will be fine, but I am standing by for a change of heart about this.
     Any plans I had for going out are officially canceled since there is a visible layer of ice outside. I used the time here to prepare dinner for this evening and then clean up the kitchen afterwards.
    I'm glad to report that Hal made it home without any problem. That takes a big concern off my mind, and now we can relax and have dinner, followed by what I hope will be a good night of sleep (for a change) before going to the office in the morning. Yes, I will go into the office because I do not get the benefits of federal employees if they close or delay opening most government offices tomorrow. Any errands that I feel need to be done will wait until after work tomorrow.