Dreamer's World March 19 2015 - March Madness Day 1

    March Madness is upon us! That wonderful time of the year when everyone sneaks a peek at a TV or checks scores online beginning today. The tournament is ready to begin and I am looking forward to it. My Alma Mater, the University of Kentucky, is the favorite to win the tournament this year but I won't have to sneak peeks at their score since they play late this evening.
    I thought I would give my powers of prediction a shot and take a stab at today's games:

Northeastern vs Notre Dame. I don't know much about Northeastern, so I pick Notre Dame in this matchup.

UAB vs Iowa State. Iowa State wins this one.

Georgia State vs Baylor. Baylor wins this one.

Texas Southern vs Arizona. Even though Texas Southern beat Michigan State earlier this season, I pick Arizona

Texas vs Butler. I don't think Texas belongs in the tourney, I pick Butler.

UCLA vs SMU. Over-rated vs under-rated. SMU wins.

Ole Miss vs Xavier. I pick Ole Miss in the upset.

Ohio St vs VCU. VCU wins.

Lafayette vs Villanova. Villanova wins.

Purdue vs Cincinnati. I have Purdue in this one.

Harvard vs North Carolina. I hope that Harvard is smart enough to find a way to win, but I pick UNC, even though I hate them.

SF Austin vs Utah. UPSET! SF Austin wins.

LSU vs NC ST. I have LSU in this one.

Hampton vs UK. UK, of course.

Wofford vs Arkansas. I have Arkansas in this one.

Eastern Washington vs Georgetown. UPSET! EWU wins.

Will see how I made out tomorrow when I pick tomorrow's games.

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