Dreamer's World March 11 2015 - Tangible RWNJ Hatred of President Obama

     I had to make my weekly visit to the client’s office this morning. This is a task that I have come to dread at times like this when RWNJ lunatics are all over the news. There are so many RWNJ lunatics at the client’s office, and they are always yelling their talking points at the top of their lungs in order to be heard above the other idiots agreeing with them. I no longer bother to get into the discussions that they have since they only see me once a week. It isn’t worth leaving the wrong impression by getting into debates, and I do want to keep my job. Suffice it to say that I feel like I need a shower every time I leave that office.
     Of course, today’s topic was the treasonous letter sent by the 47 RWNJ clowns to Iran that deliberately undermined the President in terms of foreign policy. Obviously, the lunatics didn’t see things this way. To them, it was another chance to do something to hinder the President. Their hatred of him is palpable, and I can swear that their entire physical demeanor changes when they talk about President Obama. Their expressions take on a nasty tone, even down to body language. These people are beyond help.
     I am so glad that I work remotely. I am not sure that I could survive in that toxic atmosphere. It is a clear demonstration of the divisions in our society as it exists today. No amount of reasoned, rational discussion can get through to these people. Even the knowledge that i, or anyone else, does NOT agree with them causes needless friction and tension that they themselves generate. It is no wonder that we are having such a difficult time in this country getting anything done at the government level. Apparently, the first tenet of RWNJ behavior is to administer the RWNJ purity test to everyone around them, and to argue with, obstruct, and otherwise ignore those who fail to meet their standards for RWNJ purity.
     RWNJ do act just like the bullies that we all knew growing up. They hunt in packs in order to outnumber any progressives that they encounter. I think that this is because it might be possible to reason with an individual on occasion, but with their Thought Police buddies around them, they remain loyal to their warped causes.

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