Dreamer's World March 2 2015 - Time To Adjust My Routine

     Another night of bad sleep has me awake just after 0300 in the morning. At last I have uncovered a pattern to this recent spate of insomnia, and that is the diabetes meds that I'm on. My BG levels have steadily been improving and I have dialed back on what is refereed to as fast-acting insulin. I am now more convinced than ever that I have to do the same to the long term release insulin as well. The dosage I always take before bed has to be adjusted downward starting Monday night in order to prevent more episodes like this. When I realized I had to get up and check my BG, I found that my BG was at 45. 70 is considered the lowest acceptable reading!
    At least this gives me a possible cuase for the insomnia I have had recently. I am dialing back the dosage on the medicine I take at bedtime starting this evening.