Dreamer's World March 8 2015 - Joys That We Often Overlook

    I just finished lunch here. I had a pork chop with mashed potatoes, green beans and corn. I have to say that it was delicious and that is especially true since I made it myself. I love to cook, but I have often allowed my time to be dictated to me rather than taking charge of it myself. That is something that I will change.
    In the past, I used to go out for lunch on SUnday since Hal is always at work. I enjoyed myself and always had a great Sunday brunch, but something was always missing. There were times when friends were busy, but I went out anyway and have to say that I was unwilling to notice the difference. A brunch with friends is something that is special. It is something that can justify, to some extent, the money being spent. As the weather grew colder I found that more and more of the friends didn't want to venture far from their homes to meet up. I understand this, and am not faulting them in any way but it left me with time on my hands and the prospect of brunches alone.
    I don't mind solitude. Due to the weird schedules between Hal and myself, my weekends are often spent alone for the majority of the time. Last week, I finally decided to get back into the kitchen and cook some meals for myself and Hal. That is how I ended up having the delicious lunch today. 
    How often to we try to arrange our lives to accomodate others? WHy do we not place ourselves first, not in the Rand-ian sense by any means, in order to enjoy some time in our life for a change? I take what I just wrote about as a sign that I need to take more time to cook and to make sure that I am as happy as I can be before presenting myself to the world for everyone else to see. I can make the most of my time and be happy and then the time spent with others becomes even more special rather than an escape from a routine.
    I am going to be cooking more next week. I want to make certain that I place my happiness higher on the priority list from now on.

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