Dreamer's World March 21 2015 - Paying The Price for Insomnia

I am paying the price today for the insomnia from last night. It is not even 12 noon and I am just completely spent. As I wrote last night, I do not enjoy these bouts of insomnia, but I try to cope with them as best I can. Unfortunately, there are always the after-effects to deal with which, in this case, are conspiring to ruin my Saturday. Complaining about this won’t do any good, but it does give me a chance to write more before I finally give in to sleep.
I managed to get the errands done early this morning, so that is off the agenda and cannot come back to haunt me later. Hal is at work and will be until late this afternoon, so I have the place to myself. That means I can unwind as I see fit, without the pressure of someone else being around. Sometimes I can get rather cranky when I am at the end of one of these cycles.
I feel better after a hot shower. I also received my first order from Dollar Shave Club. I used the basic razor and well, it’s a razor after all, it ie nice for the price and that is why I decided to take the chance on them in the first place. 1 shave down, and I am pleased with the result.
Right now I am waiting for the Kentucky game later this afternoon, and for Hal to get home.
It is now into the evening. Kentucky won, and is still undefeated. They will move on to the Sweet 16 next week. Hal got home and we both took a nap before he wanted to visit the relocated Pier 1 to see about any sales that they might have in their new location. Fortunately, he didn’t find anything.
I am closing out this post and will type at everyone tomorrow.

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