Dreamer's World March 30 2015 - Keeping Things Moving

I am back at the remote office this morning. Things are changing, my new supervisor obviously knows how to get things done. In less than 2 months on the job, she has already moved to tackle the situation of the remote office once and for all. Her predecessor in the position seemed to lack the ability to bring things to the attention of the senior leadership within the company.
It is possible that myself and the two other coworkers will have to be at the remote office at least one day a week once the issue is finally solved. That would be a much better situation than currently exists, although it would require the other rwo people to actually BE at the remote office in the first place!
I am looking forward to a time in the very near future when I will be able to work from home for the vast majority of the time at least without there being any issue from the company. The hardest part of getting this process rolling was to make sure that my supervisor knew that I was NOT threatening to quit, nor was I threatening to simply leave the remote office and continually submit telework requests as others have done. Since  have been the obly person consistently at the remote office for 4 years, I felt a responsibility to make this change properly, and not just abandon the place. This, I think, has convinced leadership that I am completely serious about the situation.
It will take a few more days at the least to finally get this situation resolved. I can wait a while longer in order to get things taken care of, but after finally elevating this issue, I am no longer willing to let it die down and be forgotten once again. The two coworkers who allegedly also work here are in agreement, but that really doesn’t matter to me at all since they aren’t here very often. I feel that I am the only person with something important to say on this issue. Their support is appreciated, but not a factor in my decision.
With the raising of this issue last week, it quickly became apparent that there was support from at least one very influential person within the company. This person doesn’t operate directly with myself or this team on a daily basis, but he has knowledge of the conditions here. I was told during a talk with my supervisor last week that this person is in complete agreement with me on the issue of no longer supporting this as a remote office. That fact gives me hope that things will get resolved sooner rather than later.
If the company has no plans to rent a professionally managed office space, that is fine with me. Having said that, I am no longer prepared to function as a pseudo property manager without any resources in addition to my normal job. Since this issue has been churning for 4 years, I am past the point of accepting any official new responsibilities for this location.

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