Dreamer's World March 12 2015 - Something Fishy in Ferguson

What happened?
    Two police officers were shot outside the Ferguson Police Department early Thursday morning. I hope that they will make full recoveries and that the person/persons responsible will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Who was responsible?
    Per usual, the media immediately jumped to conclusions about this. The protestors were blamed without exception. This has not been proven yet and it makes not sense for the protestors who have organized peacefully for almost 8 months to resort to a vioent tactic like this now, when the DOJ report has come down so hard on the Ferguson PD.
    I cannot help but suspect the presence of agent provocateurs that are responsible for this. The FPD has placed undercover cops into crowds of protestors in the past. I am NOT suggesting that one of the agent provocateurs actually meant to injure, let alone, kill any of the police officers because the inplications if found out would be disastrous. It seems like one of these people took the shots in order to start trouble and unfortunately 2 police officers were hit.

My feelings on this

    I simply cannot take anything the Ferguson PD says about this based on their past behavior of lies and distorting information. The truth has to be uncovered and the guilty parties found, but the investigation needs to be led by an outside agency, and NOT by the Ferguson PD

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