Dreamer's World March 24 2015 - The RWNJ Clown Car

I remember a class that was taught in junior high and high school called Civics. It was an examination of how our country was designed to be run, how it had been run, and how corrections had been made to the system through the years in response to changes in public pressure. Apparently, these classes are no longer taught in much of the country, and that is a shame. We are now facing the consequences of that decision when it comes to education. We are dealing with a new generation that thinks the current dysfunctional system is the way things have always been. Of course, they are wrong, but they have nothing to compare against, no knowledge base to demonstrate how far out of touch our political system has become.
Apparently, the RWNJ GOP clown car is loading up for the 2016 election. Yesterday brought the announcement that Ted Cruz was going to run for President. After I stopped laughing, I decided to make a few observations.
If anyone remembers Monty Python’s Flying Circus, then they might also remember the skit about the Monster Raving Loony Party that managed to make a mockery of elections. That is exactly what I see happening with the RWNJ lunatics that have been elected here. Sadly, they have a hard-core base of supporters that they can rely on for support. Even more sadly, these supporters are concentrated in the South and in rural pockets around the country, providing us with a steady stream of these RWNJ lunatics being elected.
The more RWNJ lunatics that run for President, the better. None of these losers have the ability to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016 unless they manage to rig the election. Sadly, I would not put such an attempt past the RWNJ lunatics to rig the voting machines. This would further alienate them from the vast majority of Americans. RWNJ have proven in the past that they can manage to manipulate a close election, but there is no way that they could pull off this trick in 2016 against Hillary Clinton because the fraud would be too glaringly obvious.
Now we wait for the next RWNJ lunatic to declare they are also running for President. There is a long list to choose from, and I honestly have no idea which one will take the plunge next. It really doesn’t matter because they will also lose next year. The RWNJ debates should be hilarious, with each one trying to out-batshit-crazy the others.
An aspect of this that is seldom discussed is how these RWNJ lunatics damage the reputation and standing of the US around the world. The 47 TRAITORS are just the latest example of how these disgusting RWNJ idiots will stop at nothing to disrespect President Obama. The sad fact is that their tiny little hate-filled minds never recognize the damage that they are doing to this country with their antics.
We have had Presidents in the past that were unpopular with one or another groups within our society. The difference now is that we are faced with a group of RWNJ lunatics that cannot conceive of themselves not being in charge. They continually present the same ideas and are rejected at the polls, but they have enough pull in certain areas of the country to maintain themselves in Congress and the Senate so that they can continue to live in their fantasy bubble where their only objective is to attempt to stop anything being done by a President that they openly despise. Their hatred of President Obama is tangible, and there is a substantial amount of Racism involved.
Every time a RWNJ lunatic says something that is commonly acknowledged as Racist, they will issue a fake and deeply INSINCERE public apology, but the damage is already done. They have gotten their message out to their RWNJ lunatic supporters to demonstrate how they despise having a black President.

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