Dreamer's World March 5 2015 - Snow Day

Working from home today due to the weather. The Winter storm arrived here as expected, around 0700 this morning. There was a very brief period of sleet that replaced the rain from overnight and within 30 minutes of that, the snow began to fall. Forecasts are for up to 6” around DC by the time the snow rolls out of here this evening. Because of the forecast, I decided to work from home today.
Working from home is not my ideal thing to do. There are simply too many distractions when I try to work from home. The Stooges will always want extra attention since I am home when I am normally at work. I have to close myself off in one bedroom and attempt to hook up the laptops wherever they will fit. This room is already overcrowded and I will not move any of Hal’s things because that is not the right thing to do. I have a nice window view, but I have that at the townhouse office when I am there, I also have the kitchen at the townhouse, so the kitchen here isn’t that much of an advantage, although the kitchen here at home is much better stocked with food!
As I mentioned earlier, the snow is supposed to end sometime this evening and then the cold returns with a vengeance. I have tentatively scheduled to work from home tomorrow as well because the roads and side streets will probably not be in great shape. If this is the case, then I will not be back at the townhouse office until Monday. Part of that is very appealing to me, honestly. I can definitely use the upcoming weekend to rest and relax.
I get to sit through conference calls and that isn’t any different whether I am at the townhouse or here at home.
I spoke to relatives in Kentucky, and they just got buried by this storm. 20+” is about the normal amount that I have heard about from relatives out in Western Kentucky. I hope that they will all be OK, and I also am glad that we are not looking at that type of snow here.