Dreamer's World March 8 2015 - Feeling Invigorated

    I slept like a rock last night! This was my first night of truly quality sleep in longer than I care to remember. I don't know if the time change had anything to do with this, perhaps it is the fact that the days are now longer, but I feel totally invigorated today!
    The temperature has soared to over 60 degrees this afternoon and after all the cold and snow we have had, it feels like 80 degrees right now. The windows in the apartment are open to let in fresh air and the heat is turned off. The Stooges have all taken time to enjoy laying out in the sunshine today. 
    I really don't want to go back to the office in the morning, but I don't have a choice about that. Tomorrow will be sunny and warm like today, so I predict that I will take plenty of breaks during the day.

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