Dreamer's World March 13 2015 - Wokka Wokka Wok


 I love to cook. There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal with Hal in the evening to close out the day. Regardless of what has happened during the day we will sit and have dinner and talk to each other about what has been going on, about our plans for the future, etc. I was raised to believe that there is something special about sitting down to dinner together and enjoying the meal and the conversation at the end of the day. Dinner is a non-structured event, it can be relatively quick, or thanks to the mocriwave, it can go on and on becuase things are going so well. The best dinners are those that involve at least 1 reheating of your plate in the microwave beacuse the dinner event itself is so wonderful.
    When it comes to the kitchen, I love to try new things. That is why I went out last night and purchased a Wok. This is the first Wok that I have ever had and I am looking forward to trying it out soon.  In case anyone is curious, I found the Wok at World Market and it only cost me $18.

I had looked at other places but I really balked at spending $50 or more just for a Wok.
    This evening I will be cooking chicken breasts in the oven and then slicing them up to put into tortilla wraps. This is an item that I have not made in some time so I am looking forward to having them available for dinner and to bring to work for lunch next week. I made sure to buy more than normal in preparation for the cooking so I can make enough to have them last into next week. A large tortilla wrap is a lunch by itself, and I have made the conscious decision to not eat out at lunch for the time being in order to save some money. The upfront cost of cooking at home can seem high, but when the amount of meals is factored in, it turns cooking at home into a bargain.
          Since this is a non-stick Wok, I won't have to do any special curing of the surface. I know that the carbon steel Woks are supposed to be better, but this will suit my needs for the time being. If I ever want to, I can always upgrade to a carbon steel Wok at some point in the future.
     Once I get around to using this new Wok, I will make an attempt to stir-fry some vegetables and perhaps some chicken. Another thing that I will have to learn is what the best seasoning oils are for each type of recipe. I look at that as a challenge and a chance to learn something new, because after all, I love to cook.

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