Dreamer's World March 13 2015 - I don't believe in Bad Luck

     Here it is. Friday the 13th, the day when so many people throw common sense away and give in to superstition. I really don't mind when this day rolls around on the calendar because I don't believe in bad luck. The very idea that a particular date has this strange significance is a holdover of our distant past when some unseen force was supposedly at work creating havoc in the world.
     Bad things can happen at any time, that is just the way it is. If you predispose yourself to believe that something bad is going to happen, and then it does and you blame it on Friday the 13th, then you are abdicating whatever role you played in the unfortunate event and placing the blame somewhere else. This is called denial, and everyone suffers from it at times.
     What would happen if you made the conscious decision to make Friday the 13th the best day of your life? That is how I think we should approach every day. Don't let superstition take time out of your life any longer.
     My approach to this day will be to get through the meetings at the office and roll out on time, if not a little early, to start my weekend. I plan to do some cooking when I get home in order to have meals ready for the weekend. I am going to cook chicken breasts and then slice them up to have them in chicken wraps with lettuce, sauce and a little cheese. I have written before about how I love to cook, and this is a great time to enjoy myself.