Dreamer's World March 6 2015 - A Cold Friday

     At least the snow has stopped! Today is Friday and I am teleworking one more day because I didn’t want to deal with the lunatics this morning on the roads. I am ready for the weekend and that is just over 3 hours away right now. There are no plans yet, but I will try to get out after some melting later today because I am suffering from cabin fever, I have not left the apartment since Wednesday afternoon and I need to get out and live a bit.
It never fails that someone from the West Coast wants to have a conference call around lunch (Pacific time). I really have no choice but to accept this request, but I informed them that I have a hard stop at 1530 ET since that is the end of my workday. These meetings never go well. I will just have tonwait and see what this is all about.

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