Dreamer's World March 29 2015

    Today is a beautifully sunny day, although it is still very chilly outside and I am writing this from the kitchen table as I look out the window. I long for the warmer weather when I can sit and type a blog entry outside on the balcony. Until then, I will do my best to carry on.

    I just finished making some side items for dinner this evening after Hal gets home from work. I love to cook, and it is certainly less expensive than going out on a regular basis. We have friends who go out all the time, and I suppose that is terrific since they can afford it. Hal and I are both saving money here, and we found that going out to eat was one of the easiest ways to save.

    The sense of accomplishment as I sit down to write is rather exhilarating. I don’t feel some deadline, self-imposed or otherwise, pushing down on me. That usually leads to a rushed and very short blog post that I regret as soon as I post it.

    I have to admit that the idea of going to a coffee shop or sidewalk cafe and just whipping out the Chromebook to start writing has a vague Bohemian appeal to me. Other than the fact that I don’t drink coffee, I find that idea almost romantic in terms of writing. However, once the weather warms up here, I can pretend that I am at some exotic location when in fact I will be on the balcony here at the apartment.

    I think that atmosphere has a great deal to do with what we write and how well we write about it. Sometimes just a change of scenery is all that it takes. Other times, it might be just a nice, warm day after a long, cold winter. Either way seems to indicate that inspiration comes to each of us in different ways. The sunshine is helping me to write today, but there are days when I sit down to write and it will be  raining outside, that once I start writing I cannot seem to stop!

    I was rambling, in case you had not noticed. In fact, I had to remove an entire section of this entry since it obviously made more sense as a separate blog post. I will work on that one later since it isn’t as pertinent to my original idea for this post. I am not sure if that means I need to be more focused as I write, or that I am simply beginning to multi-task my writing as a result of doing it every day. Does anyone else find a completely independent blog post worming it’s way into the one that you are working on?

    This has been a very good day. I am looking forward to seeing Hal when he gets home. I am looking forward to dinner with him here at the apartment. I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but it cannot be avoided. I am also looking forward to writing more on that blog post that I had to separate out of this one.

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