Dreamer's World march 27 2015 - SB101

I was very disappointed with the decision made yesterday in Indiana to implement discrimination into law. SB101 is an odious piece of legislation that allows discrimination against any person or group based on “religious freedom”. This is the type of language that would make Orwell roll over in his grave. The notion that a person can be given the license to discriminate with state approval based upon something as ridiculous and nebulous as “religious freedom” goes against what this country has claimed to stand for for over two centuries.
As disappointed as I was, I was not surprised at all. I grew up in Western Kentucky, right across the Ohio River from Indiana and recognized the same backwardness existed there that existed at home. The major difference was that in Indiana, there was some vague notion of what it took to be considered an American that simply did not exist in the same way in Kentucky during the 1970s and early 1980s. Indiana was always a conservative bastion, especially the southern half of the state. There were stories from my childhood about KKK activities in southern Indiana, but almost none from western Kentucky. I am not claiming that Kentucky was any liberal paradise at the time, but whatever the venom was that infected Indiana, it was at least buried beneath the surface at home.
Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Indiana would rush into an arrangement like this. It surprises me only that it took this long. Apparently, the RWNJ in Indiana only lacked the leadership to carry out stupid policies like this. I can easily see this being widely abused by the RWNJ who live there.
My personal choices are to boycott any companies that are headquartered in Indiana. I will not knowingly contribute any money to companies that claim Indiana as their state of residence. I suggest that those interested google companies headquartered in Indiana if they wish to follow this course of action.
It is a shame that the Final Four will be held in Indianapolis next weekend. I realize that it is too late to reschedule or relocate this event, but I hope that the NCAA will not place any sponsored events in Indiana as long as this law remains in effect. I plan to withhold any money from any company that is headquartered in Indiana.

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