Dreamer's World March 21 2015 - Insomniac Ramblings

     What is it with me and sleep? Despite my best efforts, I cannot sleep right now. It is almost 0300, and I am wide awake. I might as well write to pass the time so I don't wake Hal up with noise from the TV. To pass the time, I am researching how to stir fry before running to the grocery store later in the morning so I don't end up wandering up and down the aisles at Harris Teeter with the staff all watching me and wondering why I am awake and looking at Chinese cooking ingredients at this time of night!
     I have decided to keep things simple for my first stir fry attempt. I will get prepackaged frozen stir fry vegetables and some peanut oil, as well as some noodles and a few sauces to flavor them up with. I have been looking forward to trying out the new wok, but things have just been too busy this last week  at the office.
      Since I would normally be waking up at around 0600 the night is a complete loss as far as sleep is concerned. In a strange way, I enjoy a sleepless night every now and then because of the total peace and quiet I experience. I suppose it is similar to a sensory deprivation tank in that regard. My life is so hectic during the week that it almost seems as if I have these spells of insomnia as a means of just having time to myself for a change. I know that sounds weird, but it is the best way I can describe it.
     Work has been exceedingly busy as I take on new responsibilities in addition to the ones I already have. I look forward to the challenge, and am not worried about it. I am thinking that soon I will have a choice to make about telecommuting more often. Taking am the only person at the office most days, and since it is a remote location, I am saddled with the tasks normally assigned to a property manager. This is an aspect of the job that I am not happy with at all. I have made this clear to my supervisor, who is 3000 miles away and I strongly suspect that I will be working from home much more after the first of next month so I can devote more of my work time to my actual job.
     Working from home will involve some rearranging around the apartment to accommodate my work laptops (yes, I have 2 laptops) and I will also have to make travel arrangements to get back and forth to meetings with the client since they occur on a regular basis. I have been juggling my regular work with along with managing the office for nearly 4 years now, and I think that has been more than enough. I think that working from home would help bring Hal and I closer together since he works on weekends and I work Monday-Friday.
     As I was typing, Stevie Nicks showed up and decided to keep me company for a little while. I am not sure where she had been sleeping, but I enjoyed all the attention she was giving me. I made sure to stop writing and devote my full attention to her for as long as she wanted to stay. I always take time to pay attention to Stevie Nicks as well as Maxwell and Spartacus. Right now, Maxwell and Spartacus are sleeping peacefully on the couch, so I won't bother them.  I am glad that they are able to sleep right now. I envy them. I know that I will sleep at some later point.
     On the bright side, this time has really allowed me to write very freely. Writer's block is certainly not a problem for me right now. I wish I could write like this more often, but as some friends who also blog have noted, writing comes when it comes. There is no set time to write for most of us. Inspiration doesn't have a timetable to follow, so those of us who answer the call to write are left struggling at times as we wait for that inspiration to arrive. I know that I have to keep writing now because the feeling is like a drug. I can't stop when this feeling takes control of me. Whether I am typing on the tablet, the phone, the Chromebook, or the desktop, I will write as long as this reinforcing feeling continues.
     Speaking of typing, I am about to exhaust my cell phone battery and I will have to switch over to the Chromebook very soon. There, that's much better. I have to admit that I still love my Chromebook because of the outstanding battery life. At a time like this, it is a lifesaver for me. Everything remains very quiet here and I have to admit that I am much more comfortable typing here than I was on the phone. While I was up to get the Chromebook out of my backpack, Maxwell and Spartacus both woke up and looked at me like "Another sleepless night, huh?" I love these guys, they are always here for me when I need them.
    My plans for Saturday are constantly shifting as this sleepless night goes on. The idea of sleep is beginning to creep into the edges of my consciousness right now. I might end up laying on the couch with Maxwell and Spartacus rather than going to be and waking Hal at this point. He needs his rest to be able to work today. If I do finally get through this intense feeling of writing, the couch will suffice for now. Like a junkie coming down from a high, the feeling is slowly ebbing and I am more tired now than I was when I began writing. I will end this here and try to relax more.

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