Dreamer's World February 3 2015 - A Low Start

     It's just after midnight and I'm awake with a Blood Glucose reading of 46. I'm gobbling glucose tablets in order to get the number back up so I can then try to get back to sleep. I suffer from insomnia often enough without an episode like this to ass to the problem. 
     I will make sure that my BG levels are stabilized before I try to go back to bed. I truly detest nights like this one! Being diabetic is no fun at all, especially when something like this happens. 
     As 1 am approaches, I'm slowly starting to feel better as much BG rises. I'll try to go back to bed in a little while, and hopefully I'll sleep for the rest of the night without any further problems.
     If nothing else, I am going to adjust my dosage of medicine I take before bedtime. Apparently my diabetes is more under control over the past several weeks, in the amount of medicine that I've taken was too great. I see this as a good sign that I am making progress managing this condition.

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