Dreamer's World Feburary 14 2015 - Happy Valentine's Day

     I have been very fortunate to have my Valentine with me for 15 years now. Hal is the love of my life. We have shared so much, we have gone through so many good and bad times together. I know of couples that have crumbled at some of the obstacles that we have overcome, I feel sorry for them but for whatever reason, Hal and I have always managed to work things out and keep moving ahead.
    Both Hal and I have lost a parent during our time together. Both Hal and I have had the upset of changing jobs, not always as planned. Both Hal and I have gone through the pain of moving from one place to another. Both Hal and I have struggles with money problems. Somehow we keep coming through these events together and stronger than ever.
    As time goes by, the comfort level in our relationship has increased. We each feel that life without the other would be a huge letdown. I personally am not sure where I would be if I had not met Hal when I did. It isn't a huge stretch to say that I might not be here if I hadn't met Hal. My life was on the verge of going either nowhere or completely out of control when I met him.
    From Hal, I have learned the art of calm and grace. I still am very spontaneous and quick to act regardless of the consequences. Hal has moderated me tremendously. I hope that I have had a good influence on him as well.
    Unfortunately, Hal had to work today. After he came home we did go out for a while. During the time we were at dinner, the cold and snow finally arrived. We got at least 1" in under 20 minutes. Thankfully, we are at home now and the Beetle is parked in the underground garage. Time to be with Hal for the evening.

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