Dreamer's World February 5 2015 - My Perfect Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

    My ultimate writing room would look something basically like this.

     I found this picture online and it best visualizes my ultimate Writing Room. I like an open area with lots of natural light. It would not be this large, but I prefer the Spartan type of furnishing without a lot of clutter. I would have my computer desk against a window in order to have a lot of natural lighting, and I would have the Chromebook available with a lap stand for times when the light was too bright to work at the desk. There would be a sofa to sit or lie on, and an easy chair. One table would suffice. Obviously my Writing Room would be much smaller, but there would still be plenty of open space.
    I often picture my Writing Room as something like one of the micro apartment models that one sees in IKEA, with lots of windows to bring in natural light. Obviously, I wouldn't have all the appliances and kitchen crammed into the space.
    I like all the windows that would allow me to snap a picture of anything that happened outside that might spark a blog post. I cannot imagine being in a small, dark room without any windows or sense of the outside world. I want to feel as if I am a part of something as I write.
    I would definitely find a space for my Bluetooth speaker in order to have music available to me. Again, this is not a large item that would take up much room. I would also try to have a radio there as well so I can keep up with things and still avoid the incessant yammering on TV. Like so many of the people I follow on social media, I find the media to be untrustworthy because they present an agenda that is defined by their corporate masters and allows for very little actual truth to be reported.
    I cannot think of much else that I would require in my Writing Room. Whatever else I can think of would be located somewhere else in the house. The purpose of the Writing Room is both writing and reflection. This would be the place where I would come to in order to focus on what I want to write about, and to read what other people are saying.

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