Dreamer's World February 3 2015 - Tuesday at work

    I hope that today goes by smoothly for me. I enjoyed the day off yesterday and really didn't want to come back to work this morning.Time certainly has a way of moving rather slowly when you wish it would move more quickly.
    I am going to grab lunch around 1100, but first I will make sure that things are up-to-date around the office since I am the only person here again today. My BG has stabilized since the bad drop overnight. I modified my medicine dosage to compensate before lunch. Lunch consisted of 2 tuna salad sandwiches I made here at the office. It pays to keep some food in the refrigerator for days when I am too busy to go out for lunch and leave the office unattended.
    I hope that this evening will be quiet at home. I really need more sleep, and that means getting to bed earlier as a routine. It helps me to concentrate better when I am at work if I have plenty of rest the night before. Another thing that I might look into is altering my work schedule by coming to work later. I have tried that in the past, but parking as a problem at that time. I will do some research about how the current situation is before making any decisions.
    i made it home without incident, and will be watching the UK game before bed this evening. Hope that UK stays undefeated on the year. Also hoping that tomorrow will be a good day.

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