Dreamer's World February 12 2015 - Why Dreamer's World as my Blog Title?

     This is one of those days when inspiration about a writing topic seems elusive. I resorted to one of the topics for today type of sites to get something to make me write.
    My Blog is titled "Dreamer's World". I chose this title because I have always been something of a Dreamer in my own life. I try to see the best in life and am left wondering why so many others seem satisfied with things such as hatred and violence? I also chose this title as respect to the song by John Lennon, because he was also a Dreamer. I look around me every day and see the news filled with people ranting about this and that. I cannot force myself to listen to them anymore. I know that there has to be a better way ahead for us all.
    A Dream is not real, except in our minds. This is not to say that a Dream cannot become reality, far from it, some of the greatest people ever have taken their Dreams and worked to see them come true. A Dream is often a way of protesting the way that things actually are at the time, and a plea to make them better.
    I cannot claim to be the most inspiring writer. As I mentioned, there are days when I truly struggle to find anything to write about at all, but I refuse to let that stop me. I know that giving in to the temptation of not writing is a sure way to never writing again. I don't want that to happen to me! I write for myself first and foremost. To do otherwise would be to fool myself and those who read these words. That means a great deal of soul-searching to find something about myself that is worthy of being written down.
    Before you think that the previous sentiment was morose and depressed, I choose to differ. Strugging to find that something to write about actually makes me examine myself more closely. It makes me want to find something that is worth writing about. It gives me ideas about what I can actually DO in my life to make certain that I have something to write about wach day. That is the key to this. I write because I Dream about things, I try to model my Life after those Dreams, I then write about my experiences.
    Being a Dreamer isn't easy, and it probably isn't for everyone. It is who I am, someone who wants to find better ways of doing thinngs, someone who wants to find a way to have everyone get along without hatred or violence. That isn't wrong at all, I think it is inspiring and a worthy goal. The difficult part is to make others understand what it is that I am trying to say.
    It doesn't help that I am surrounded everyday by people who seemingly never take the time to Dream on their own. I hear them talk and instantly know the source of their information on a given subject. They are worshippers of the process that gets them through the day. They do not value critical or independent thought. They are laser-guided to complete their tasks and work without any distraction that requires them to actually THINK for themselves. I seldom communicate with them because I cannot reach them. I have tried through the years without success. Unless I am willing to discard my thoughts and feelings in order to deal with their extremely limited vocabulary of things, people, and events, I am an alien to them. I prefer to be that alien rather than shut down the parts of my brain that are involved in making me a Dreamer.
    In some ways, being a Dreamer makes one more introverted. That in itself makes many too afraid to listen to their inner Dreams. It takes a particular type of person to buck the trend and walk their own path. I am one of these people, making my way through lIfe on my terms. My goal is to leave no one harmed in my wake, but also to never allow myself to be assimilated to such a degree that I can no longer know myself first.
    Being a Dreamer isn't easy, but it is the only way that I can be true to myself. That is why I call my Blog "Dreamer's World".

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