Dreamer's World February 9 2015 - Another Monday


Another Monday begins at the office. The weather has returned to normal for this time of year, cloudy and cold. Yesterday was beautiful with temps in the 70s and this makes the contrast that much more noticeable.  We are nearly 2/3 of the way through Winter and Spring will arrive as anticipated.
    I am hoping for a good and productive week here at work. Today has begun on a slow note. I had to go and visit the client earlier today and answer some questions that he has about our project. After that, it was back to the office, then lunchtime followed by the daily conference call. All those events are behind me now, and I am waiting on some data for review once the person responsible gets around to sending it to me.
     After a day at work, Hal and I had a few errands to run after work. That kept me out until almost 7 pm, but at least we were together. Got home and am ready to relax. I have a great true story that I will blog and.