Dreamer's World February 4 2015 - Wednesdays

     Wednesday is the day of the week that is truly undecided. I don't know whether to celebrate the halfway mark and begin looking forward to the weekend or not. That is normally the purview of Thursday, when the weekend is much closer. However, this week seems like an exception to that rule.
    I decided to completely pay off one bill this month with my tax refund. Initially, I wanted to save the money, but I realized that it was going to cost me more to pay the bill by breaking it up. Therefore, I bit the bullet and watched most of my refund vanish but it was in a good cause. That is another weight off of my shoulders, and it feels terrific! That is one of the reasons I am more optimistic about this Wednesday than normal.
    I am hoping to have another good night of sleep this evening. I am ahead of things at the office for a change, and looking forward to heading home this afternoon. One of the things that I hope to do is find a subject and put together another blog post about it.

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