Dreamer's World February 20 2015 - And Now For Something Completely Different

     With all apologies to Monty Python, I felt that the title of today's blog was appropriate. I believe that I have fallen into a rut when it comes to my writing recently. While I am glad that I maintained the discipline of writing every day, I felt that the subjects were getting to be the same every entry, and I want to avoid this in the future. Therefore, I resolved to make today the start of a wider range of subjects that I will write about. Today I will cover the subject of my cell phone and the chance to upgrade it in the very near future.
    I currently have the LG G Flex through T-Mobile. I got this phone almost a year ago, and it has done an outstanding job for me. in all honesty, I don't remember having a phone that has worked as well as this one. Granted it is a brick with a 6" display that makes it difficult to handle at times, but the battery life is outstanding. In fact, I have only had 1 problem with this phone when it did drain the battery way too fast. I checked online for a solution and decided to restore the phone to factory condition and then reload my apps. I am happy to report that did the trick and I have not had any trouble since then.
    The question I ask myself is, "Will I upgrade in the near future?" I am not at all certain yet that I will. There are a few new phones out there that have caught my eye, but I wonder if they will be worth the trouble in the long run. I recently did a swap with a friend who has the iPhone 6, and I honestly have to say that I am going to stick with Android for the time being. There were things I liked about the iPhone, but there were more that I disliked and that involved the customization that I can do on an Android device that is lacking on iPhone.
    I have looked at the Nexus 6, which has the advantage of always getting new releases of Android. It is actually as large, if not a bit larger, than that G Flex I have now. I am not sure that I want to change this phone for another that is so large. The Nexus 6 is a great device, but I am not ready to change just to have it.
    LG has a phone that was released last year called the LG G3. It is about .5" smaller than the G Flex I have. It offers the same interface and options to customize that I am used to. It has a comparable battery while also offering the chance to simply remove an old battery and replace it with a fresh one that is already charged. That is an option that is lacking on the phone I have. If I were to decide to upgrade right now, I would choose the LG G3.
    HTC also is coming out with a new phone, the HTC One M9, or whatever they will call it. I am an HTC fan, and I suppose one of the reasons I am waiting to decide about anything is I want to see what HTC brings out at the beginning of March.
    Samsung is another option, don't get me wrong, but I have never been a huge Samsung fan. I cannot point out anything specific about their products, but they have never appealed to me. That can change in the future, but I don't see it happening this year.
    Anyway, that is the situation I find myself in right now. I am eligible for an instant upgrade with only a small payment, and by June that will be no payment at all. I know that the prudent thing to do is to wait until the Summer and make my choice then, but it is fun to see what is out there and try to decide what I would do if I decided on impulse to upgrade right now.

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