Dreamer's World February 15 2015 Safe and Warm

    As this very cold day has dragged on, I was struggling with another topic to write about. Plenty of thoughts went through my mind, but nothing really inspired me. After I had fed the Stooges and then had my own lunch, I saw how all three of them had relaxed and I realized that my nest writing topic was right in front of me. I grabbed my cell phone and snapped pictures of each of them.
    I realuze how fortunate we all are to be safe and warm on a cold day like this.

    First picture is of Stevie Nicks. She is the Diva of the house, as you can tell from this picture. Steve Nicks came to live with us in 2011. She is almost 4 years old, 10 years younger than her two brothers. Stevie Nicks is the attirude around the house. She remains the most playful of the Stooges, and we often find her running the other two ragged as she plays with them. Stevie Nicks is also the resident food critic. She seldom eats from the same can twice in a row, and constantly demands new flavors in her food. Keeping her fed and happy is the most challenging thing about her.
    Stevie Nicks is also the Stooge that will find her way onto my lap and demand that all other efforts cease until she feels that sufficient attention has been paid to her. This is never a quick process. Stevie Nicks is also the Stooge that will pose for the camera on demand.
    Next, we have Maxwell. Maxwell is the prototypical middle chold, or Stooge. Although he and his brother SPartacus (pictured below) are the same age, Maxwell is always the Stooge that ends up without a lap to lay on because he is so reserved and shy most of the time. Maxwell loses all pretense of shyness when it is time to eat, however, then Maxwell can be heard throughout the house demanding food on a regular basis. I swear that he can read the clock and knows exactly what time it is!
    Maxwell will gladly accept love and attention when we go and find him, but he seldom comoes looking for it. A wonderful buddy, but very shy.
    And finally, we have Spartacus. Spartacus has always been Hal's baby more than mine. Whenever Hal is home, Spartacus will be near him. On the weekends when Hal is at work, SPartacus usually keeps to himself, but at times he will seek me out and spend lots of time in my lap as he falls asleep.
    Spartacus and Maxwell came from the same litter back in 2001, and they have never been apart. This can be apparent when watching them interact with each other. They know exactly what the other one is up to, and their playfights look more like a carefully choreographed dancve than anything else. Each knows which way the other will lunge and reacts accordingly.
    On a cold winter day, I am glad that the Stooges are here with me. I am also very glad that we can provide a safe and happy place for all three of them to live. Hal and I love them all equally, and we would never allow anything bad to happen to them.

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