Dreamer's World February 18 2015 - Back At Work

    Back at the office after my 4-day weekend and realizing how much I wish I had won the lottery. There are times when work is just incredibly boring, and this is one of those times. There are still multiple people that I have to work with who are out due to the recent bad weather. There is nothing I can do about that, so this will be a very slow day for me.
    I am amazed that one of the coworkers actually showed up this morning. Although it is nice to have someone else here for a change, I will miss the solitude that often helped me to get things done. Another one of the multiple things that I cannot do anything about, so I won't worry about it any further.
    With so many people out due to the weather, I am limited in what I can get accomplished today. Personally, where I live didn't get a lot of snow. The DC region is notorious for panic when it comes to winter weather, and that has been happening for the last 2 days now. Therefore, I resolve to get some things done that have sat on the back burner for far too long around here.
    This week also marks the start of the new boss at HQ. This change has been going on for far too long, in my personal opinion. It was almost a year ago when we first were notified that the change was going to take place. It would have been so much more efficient to have the higher position located here rather than 3k miles away, but that request fell on deaf ears.
    I hope that today will remain quiet, even with my coworker here. I plan to go out and get something for lunch to bring back to the office before the afternoon meetings and conference calls begin. There is a frecast that calls for more snow later today, although not much. I wonder what type of panic that will cause.
    I have made it through lunch and am now settling in for the afternoon conference calls that never seem to end. I am looking forward to going home this afternoon and relaxing. There are no plans for this evening and I suspect that will not change.

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