Dreamer's World February 7 2015 - A Day To Rest

     Saturday at last! It is nearly 2 am and I am finally getting ready for bed here. I am not taking the Beetle in for inspection later this morning. Hopefully, after I get Hal off to work, I can catch on some sleep later in the morning.
     I expect that I'll stay around the apartment unless there is a pressing need to go to the grocery store. I ended up sleeping until well after Hal left for work this morning. I finally crawled out of bed just after 9 am.
     Since I'm staying here for the day, I am resting to relieve a pulled muscle that has been bothering me for the last few days. My side has been extremely sore, and I have been taking Alive for it. I had my quarterly physical with the doctor yesterday afternoon, and he confirmed that it was just a pulled/strained muscle, and nothing to worry about. That was a load off my mins since it is causing pain in my abdomen. The worst fear was that it might have been my appendix.
    After Hal gets home from work, we might go out for a while together. If not, that will be fine with me. I can get out tomorrow while he is at work since the weather has turned nice after all the bitter cold we had the last several days. I will try to put together another blog post later today that is more focused.