Dreamer's World February 8 2015 - Imperfections

      Sometimes I forget to be thankful for things that I take for granted. The smallest things in life are very often the most valuable and should be treated as such. When I took the photo of my Snoopy calendar for this post, I thought about the way in which the date blocks fit into the slot provided. They are not perfectly aligned, there is an imperfection about them as they appear to us. I had to realize that this is part of it's charm. It maintains the appearance of something that a child would have done.
    I know that this thing is mass-produced somewhere, but to have made it appear this way means that someone else made the conscious decision that what had to be shown was the intent, and not the substance. It this calendar appeared to be absolutely perfect, with everything having clean lines and no apparent flaws, it would lose what makes it special.
    How often do we fail to see the perfect imperfections in others, or in ourselves? I try my very best to always accept someone for who they are, warts and all, as the old saying goes. It is a sure thing that looking for perfection will make you crazy, because perfection is a concept that only we ourselves can define. The trouble arises when we realize that everyone else will also have their own definition of perfection, and that they will never align 100%. We are better off letting perfection sit on the shelf and accepting people for who they are. It is a much more valuable means of evaluating someone.
    Notice how I have not touched on the subject of our own perfection? That is deliberate because we are already perfect. Let me say that again, each of us is already perfect! If we allow others to try to place us into the categories that they have constructed for their own lives, then we have lost what makes us special, what makes us unique, what makes us perfect. Always remember that when dealing with other people. Your own life will be easier because of it. Never bemoan their lack of meeting our view of perfection, embrace what and who they are, because in the long run the differences are what help us to define ourselves.

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