Dreamer's World February 10 2015 - An Interesting Experiment

     Over the past week, I tried out the iPhone 6. I say that now because I have returned that phone and am sticking with Android. The choice between OS is purely subjective, there is no right or wrong answer other than the one that we each come to for ourselves.
     I found the iPhone to be incredibly slim and light compared to my LG G Flex, but the larger battery with the LG means never having to worry about running out of juice. I drained the iPhone 3 times in the 7 days that I used it. Advantage definitely goes to the LG on that score.
     The iPhone was the clear winner in terms of a convenient size and weight. I did miss the larger screen on the LG, but quickly grew accustomed to the iPhone screen. The screen resolution is another aspect that is purely in the eye of the observer. The iPhone wins for usable size, but the LG wins for a bigger display.
    I am definitely an Apple fan when it comes to iMac, iPod, and iPad. However, that love does not extend to the iPhone. It is a great device, but just not the one for me. I prefer the flexibility and creativity that Android allows. When I upgrade mt current Android phone, I will definitely be getting another Android to replace it.

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