Dreamer's World February 22 2015 - Another Monday

     Another Monday has begun. I slept well last night and the back spasms aren't as bad this morning. Unfortunately, when I got to work at the townhouse office, I found that I had to get out and do some sholveling and ice removal since nothing had been done over the weekend. I took my time and hopefully didn't aggravate my back any more than necessary.
    It is no surprise that there was ice to deal with this morning. Yesterday the temperature got to 60 degrees and a lot of the snow melted, although there is still plenty of it laying around. Today is supposed to get colder, with temperatures falling into the 20s, so whatever ice isn't removed this morning will stay around for a while. We got our taste of springtime yesterday, but it looks like it will be the first of March before we see that type of weather again. I will make a few more attempts at ice removal before the temperature drops too far today.
    I am still driving the VW Passat loaner car while the Beetle has repairs done. It is very un-nerving to drive another vehicle when there is still snow and ice around. The Passat is much larger than the Beetle and I am being very cautious with it. The Beetle should be ready sometime tomorrow if things go according to schedule. After that, I will begin paying off that expense.
    The temperature has dropped below freezing again, so there will be no more ice chipping outside unless the sun comes out and causes a little melting. I am really ready for Spring to arrive here. We made it through most of Winter without bad weather, but the pattern remains that President's Day Weekend is when we will get nailed.
    Apparently, this will be a quiet day around here. There are still network issues that are out of my control that are preventing me from accomplishing a lot of work that has to be done. At least I am not being held responsible for these delays. The longer the problem lasts, the more work I will have to catch up on later when the system is available.
    I just finished my lunch and now it is time to begin the afternoon meetings and conference calls. At least they will keep me awake for the rest of the workday. The temperature continues to drop here, we are back into the deep freeze for several more days apparently.
     I got away from the office on time this afternoon, and I came home so I could cook some chicken breasts that have been marinating overnight. This will give me several days worth of meals. Here they are before going into the oven.
     Once these chicken breasts are finished, I am going to take it easy for the rest of the night until bedtime. Eventually, I'll make another trip to the grocery store and make sure there is something else to cook once the chicken is all gone. Possibly some pork chops for the end of this week. I do need to cook more and eat out less in order to save some more money.
     It is 1730 and still no word about the Beetle, but I honestly didn't expect to get the call that it is ready until sometime tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. I will not enjoy paying for the repairs, but at least I can manage it.
    Im glad to report that the chicken breasts turned out delicious. Now I can take something to the office for lunch if I choose to later in the week.

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