Dreamer's World February 1 2015 - Super Blah Sunday

     Today is Super Blah Sunday. I love football, but I am already so over the hype about the Super Blah. The teams (neither of which I care for), have been analyzed to the nth degree. Every personality quirk of each player has been broadcast all over the planet for weeks now. Even "deflate-gate" has had the air taken out of it.
    "Deflate-gate" has been nothing more than a pathetic attempt by the NFL to generate publicity for something other than their own badly damaged reputation. The issues of domestic abuse and out-of-control players has given the NFL a well-deserved black eye and every attempt to resolve the situation has made it worse. The NFL cares nothing at all about the issue, they only care about their bottom line. Money runs the NFL and has made it practically unassailable until the Ray Rice situation became public.
    The NFL reacted like a bad Three Stooges routine. They muddied the waters so badly about what they did and didn't know in order to avoid real responsibility. The NFL publicity offices have been busy performing damage control ever since. In an attempt to divert attention away from these problems, they have thrown out deflate-gate as a means to put attention somewhere else.
    The Super Blah has become a media circus over the years, there is no doubt about that. The event is a dream job for so-called journalists who have to do nothing other than to attend pre-staged media events complete with pre-packaged stories. These useless and inane pieces of garbage from the NFL publicity machine are then vomited out from the alleged reporters as being news.
    There is no reason for the clinically obsessive fascination with the Super Blah other than to make money for the NFL and their corporate buddies. The fact that we are subjected to weeks of this bullshit is more than enough reason for me to give this event a pass without a second thought. I have better things to do with my life.

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